Magic Dancing Juice Flasks



Of COURSE you can dance! Fill our Magic Dancing Juice flask with your libation of choice, and proceed to dance the night away! We're not promising you'll win the dance comp, and we definitely don't suggest you follow the dance step diagram unless you're REALLY flexible or socially lubricated.....ok, no, we ESPECIALLY don't recommend doing that.

(Not responsible for sprained paws, lost horseshoes, cracked hoofs, broken feathers, twisted claws or other accidents. However, we'll be happy to take responsibility if you have a fantastic night out!)

Our 6oz powder-coated stainless steel flasks are engraved with your choice of paw print, deer hoof, horseshoe, or dragon/avian claw design.

Black, Gloss Red and Gloss Blue are in-stock colors, all other color options are special order, and cost a little more.


Dance Diagram art created exclusively for WDK by Nidonemo the Blue Fox.