Design Your Own Heavyweight Metal Edge Coaster Set



Embrace your inner Toulouse-Lautrec and design your own heavyweight leatherette metal-edged coaster set! Your own phrase, line art or other design laser-etched permanently onto each coaster--perfect to protect those lovely tables in the Moulin Rouge...although dog knows they've seen a lot! 

For when you want a little bit fancier coaster, but still show off your wild side, we are now pleased to offer these heavyweight leatherette metal-edged coasters! Your choice of round or square, with soft foam backing to protect your furniture.  Each set of 4 comes with your choice of leatherette color and a handy matching holder. 

Each round coaster measures 3 5/8", and the leatherette insert is 3" in diameter.  We recommend your artwork fit within a 2 3/4" maximum circle for best results. 

Each square coaster measures 3 5/8" x 3 5/8", and the leatherette insert is 3" square, with 1/4" radius corners.  We recommend your artwork fit within a maximum 2 3/4" square for best results.

All colors engrave black except Black and Rustic -- Black is available in Silver or Gold engraving, Rustic is available with Gold engraving.

After placing your custom order, just send us your art via email to So easy!

If you want to read the details (file types, size, etc.) or have questions, please refer to our Design Acceptance page, or contact us at the email address above.