From Dream to Reality...

WolfDogKarma would be very pleased to laser engrave our designs or your design, art, or message on hundreds more items than we can feature here. 

If you would like to see the breadth of awesome gifts, promotions, and other products which we have available, please feel free to take a look at our online master catalogs, and then contact us for a quote!

Click here to check out our massive gift catalog or here to take a look at our laser-engraved leatherette offerings. 

Not only will you find that our pricing is superb, we know that you'll be thrilled with the work we do for you. In fact, we guarantee it.

We also can create a broad array of engraved signage, illustration, and informational work in acrylic and glass. Let us show you just how professional and amazing your ideas can look!

And remember--we never use your designs or artwork for anything other than creating your project. We won't use your work to advertise ourselves (unless you want us to), and we strictly respect artist's ownership and copyright.

To get started, please send us a note at and let's chat about making your special project an incredible, affordable reality!


WolfDogKarma uses exclusively    professional laser systems
made in America, and offering higher resolution, higher stability, and the highest-quality results.